Pediatric Dentistry


The benefits of good oral hygiene habits with young children

Dental and oral health play such a big role in our overall health.  

Finding the right dentist for you and your family is important.  Maintaining regular dentist appointments for children is essential to ensuring dental and oral health as they grow and develop. Without proper dental care, children can become at risk for future dental complications and possible lifetime discomfort.

What is so different about pediatric and adult dentistry?

A patients comfort and well-being is our number one priority, but our ability to make children feel safe and comfortable is particularly important to us. At Dentistry by Design, we offer totally comprehensive pediatric service and you can be assured that we will offer the best possible care to your child.

What are some common pediatric services?

Children face challenging circumstances in regard to their dental and oral health, due to the fact that they are still physically developing, irregular eating habits and diet, increased risk for physical damage due to accident, etc. Typical areas of inquiry may be:

  • Preventative maintenance, including cleaning and fluoride treatment
  • Early assessment in teeth and bite alignment and development
  • Repair of cavities and tooth defects
  • Habit counseling. Pacifier use, thumb sucking, and good general hygiene habits


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