Dental FAQs

How can I make an appointment?

Please give us a call (517)787-5055!

Can I schedule a consultation?

Yes, we would be glad to see you for a consultation, please call us and schedule an appointment, (517) 787-5055.

Can you help with TMD/TMJ?

Yes, the jaw joint or temporal mandibular joint, can become sore/distressed/painful. This joint, like other joints of the body, can suffer strained muscles and tendons, leading to muscle and nerve pain that can be mild to severe. With a brief visit and consultation, we can recommend the appropriate type of custom oral appliance to help manage pain, allow healing, and maintain a healthy joint.

Can you help with teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching is a condition referred to as bruxism, and it can occur at any age and for various reasons.
At your consultation, your dentist will assess your tooth wear, recommend an appliance to eliminate bruxing, then rebuild the compromised teeth to restore your bite to the optimal position.


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