Pediatric Dentistry


The benefits of good oral hygiene habits with young children

Dental and oral health play such a big role in our overall health.  

Finding the right dental office for you and your family is important. Maintaining regular dental visits for your children is essential to ensuring dental and oral health as they grow and develop. With proper dental care children can learn how to stay healthy and avoid dental problems.

What is so different about pediatric and adult dentistry?

A patient’s comfort and well-being is important. Our ability to make children feel safe and comfortable is particularly important to us. We offer pediatric services, of which you can be assured, will be the best possible care for your child.

What are some common pediatric services?

Children can face very different dental issues than adults, with ongoing physical developments, irregular eating habits and poor diet, increased risk of injury due to sports and play. Pediatric dentistry will focus on:

  • Preventive instruction/education
  • Regular dental hygiene appointments with fluoride treatments and sealants
  • Repair of dental decay
  • Early assessment of teeth alignment and development
  • Counseling on habits, such as pacifiers and thumb sucking


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