Treats for Troops

Don’t let your uneaten Halloween candy go to waste!  It’s not uncommon for trick-or-treaters or house dwellers to have leftover Halloween candy lying around after the fall season.  We partner with Soldiers Angels Treats for Troops program and put on an annual Candy-buy-back for people in our community.  Donate your leftover candy and we will ship it over to our troops.

Based on projections from last year, we were hoping to buy back 20-30lbs of candy this year for our brave service men and women.  Our wonderful patients and people of the community ended up bringing us 307lbs!  That’s a lot of candy!  We couldn’t believe the response from our Jackson citizens and support even extended all the way out to the Saline School District.

Keep Dentistry by Design in mind after next years spooky season.  Bring in your leftover sweet treats and help us support our troops from afar, anyway we can.



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